I was recently asked about my business and the changes we have made over the past few years by a friend. I think she was surprised my answer. Here is how our conversation went:

Q: How is business? Do you still love what you do?

A: Yes! I feel more inspired than I ever have. I think we are really starting to make a difference.

Q. {Insert confused look here} Really? But don’t you just plan events?

A. Honestly, it really isn’t about the events. By implementing the way we do business, by following our dreams and creating the lives we want to live we are inspiring others and that is powerful. By being open, sharing our hearts and making others feel special we are sharing with others how to do the same and that is creating a legacy. It’s about a lot more than planning events.

From the very beginning of Events & Experiences I knew I didn’t want to create just another company. I wanted a purpose that filled my heart and was an outward expression of my soul. This is our mission. Every day we strive for an authentic expression of ourselves while serving others. We want to make people feel special through unexpected thoughtful gestures. It is who we are and what we believe in.

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Meet Joe Black. William Parrish played by Anthony Hopkins (one of my favorite actors) says: “I started in this business because this is what I wanted to do. I knew I wasn’t going to write the great American novel, but I also knew there was more to life than buying something for a dollar and selling it for two. I’d hoped to create something, something which could be held to the highest standards. And what I realized was I wanted to give the news to the world, and I wanted to give it unvarnished. The more we all know about each other, the greater the chance we will survive.”

Don’t get me wrong.  We like to make money but it is more than buying something for a dollar and selling it for two. For us, it is about a purpose and we know that if we follow that purpose that profits will follow.

We are not just a brand. We are a reflection of what we believe and those beliefs have shaped our company. We don’t do a lot of advertising. We sincerely believe that if we are giving 100% to each client and doing things we are truly passionate about we don’t have to worry about twitter campaigns or stress over facebook promotions.

I am clearer and more purposeful about what we are doing and who we do it with than I ever have been. I am grateful for the people that make up our team and the clients that share our vision. We hope you will join us in this mission.

With love, Chelsey Arnal